Cutting machines

Whatever you produce – if it has to do with industrial cutting processes, great precision and maximum efficiency are required. 
Whether a format cutter or a roll cutting machine – we have the industrial expertise to turn the right cutting technology into economic and precise machinery for virtually every kind of application.

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prinzip_formatschneider_d prinzip_rollenschneider_d
anwendung_formatschneider anwendung_rollenschneider
Example: Format cutter („sheeter“) with two cross-cutting aggregates for converting high quality papers. Example: Longitudinal cutter (“slitter”) with razor blade cutting units for converting plastic foils.



ROBUST cutting machines

Unreeling, different cutting principles and rewinding, sorting and stacking of your products – cutting machines made by ROBUST are standing for highest accuracy and absolute production reliability.

And if your applications are not known as typical, we develop the most suitable solution for you.

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